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=======New Update v1.31 ======

✅ Add feature Symbol Mapping

  • You can map Symbol if signal and broker is diff.

  • Use syntax: SymbolSignal=SymbolBroker,

  • Exam: US30=.US30Cash,NAS100=NDX100

✅ Add feature use footer signal to order comment.

  • Use syntax: "From: name_order" below signal

  • Exam: From: Channel Forex VIP


  • Fix not get TP5 when use Level Target TP5

  • Fix bug get price market from RFC MARKET [SYMBOL]

  • Fix bug AUTO_OPEN_PENDING when Slippage Price

======= Update v1.30 ======

✅ Add config "Use title channel for order comment" : Allow use title channel for order comment

✅ Add config "MOVE TP CONFIG" include Active Move TP when negative pips can move TP to entry

✅ Fixbug Percent Lot Close


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